originally premiered on 4/20/99, Intended as an online portfolio for L.A. Photographer Touch, it quickly took shape as a portal into a lifestyle. We covered every event big & small, from hip-hop shows to backyard bbq's, we had Los Angeles in a scope! Touch had flicks that faithful West Coast hip-hop fans were dying to see. hadn't only caught the attention of hip-hop fans across the globe, but the performers themselves were tuning in to check out coverage from their own events. Hits poured in from the four corners & helped pioneer a new type of dotcom. "We didn't do it for a living, we did it for a lifestyle" says Touch. The site ran for about 3 years before the lifestyle we were trying to capture, captured us. A lack of updates, lead to a lack of interest & the site was eventually taken down. was followed up by a growing number of personal websites, myspaces, & all those others we can’t live without. The decision to bring Sick Flicks back was not an easy one, but I must say it was inspired by a new generation. We threw the OG on there as a reminder to those who were around, & for those who don't know...we are the original!

Monday, March 15, 2010


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